Demi Lovato Wants to Work with Corey Taylor, Loves Job for a Cowboy


After a stint rocking alongside Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss, pop star Demi Lovato‘s love for rock and metal music is still intact. In a new interview with Jose Mangin, Lovato discussed her career trajectory and her upcoming album REVAMPED, which takes her most important songs and, uh, revamps them with new ideas that match her “current artistic vision.”

In the interview, Lovato affirmed that she takes heavy music seriously and said that she’d love to work with some unlikely artists.

“Someone I’ve always wanted to work with is Corey Taylor and, you know, obviously working with bands like Knocked Loose would be sick, too.

“So I think it’s something that’s on my wish list but hopefully I’ll have some collaborations for Revamped. We’re still working that out, though.”

Taylor is less surprising given the massive commercial popularity of Slipknot and Stone Sour (plus our propensity to report on his every thought) but Knocked Loose is surprising and intriguing. Lovato also confirmed that she has an appreciation for deathcore, especially Job for a Cowboy‘s “Entombment of a Machine.”

“It was the first song that I realized metal music, in a way, can be catchy without being a pop song because you listen for the guitar riffs, you listen for that certain part of the song. I just fell in love with it and that song is what did it for me.”

She also told a story about the time she saw Dimmu Borgir and Unearth.

“I was 14 at that show and I was probably about 90 pounds and I decided to go into the middle of the crowd and so I’m in the middle of the crowd and all of a sudden people start moshing like really moshing and I had been in pits before that weren’t as intense, but this was so intense and I was like, ‘I gotta get out of here,’ so I literally, I just jumped up and crowd surfed to the front of the stage and that was my first time crowd surfing and I was like, ‘I lost a shoe.’ It was so much fun.’”

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