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Harm’s Way’s New Album, Common Suffering, Coming This September, First Single “Silent Wolf” Out Now


A deliriously heavy new track from Harm’s Way dropped today, with the band announcing their latest studio offering, Common Suffering. Slated for release on September 29 via Metal Blade Records, the new album will feature 10 new tracks to satiate your extreme metal needs. For a first taste, its single, “Silent Wolf” is available right now.

Vocalist James Pligge said the new track dealt with the public’s declining perception and trust of government institutions over the last few years.

“‘Silent Wolf’ was birthed out of observing a sense of persistent distrust in governing bodies and systems of power in our current cultural climate. It speaks on the faith, or lack of faith, many have in these systems and an overall feeling of inertia and paranoia with status quo operations… leading many to the question: ‘what is really informing our reality?”

Some heavy shit indeed. Which is fitting given just how heavy the track is.

The new album was recorded over at Studio 4 in Pennsylvania, with Will Yip at the helm. Guitarist Nick Gauthier said the band worked to not be complacent with their work, but rather tried to let the music dictate how things came out.

“We really tried not to settle on parts. Sometimes a direction that we could have taken in a song felt too obvious… We would just troubleshoot that until we felt creatively satisfied with the direction we were taking.”

According to the band, the album’s title is “a clear nod to the collective experiences of the past three years of chaos, misanthropy, paranoia, disorder, confusion and anxiety, with the band exploring themes ranging from personal struggles with mental health, relationships, political upheaval, corruption, and political power.”

Sounds like a certain U.S. politician and his followers may not like this record.

Common Suffering will have a number of variants available when it’s released on September 29, though you can preorder whichever one you want today via Metal Blade Records.

Common Suffering Track Listing:
01. Silent Wolf
02. Denial
03. Hollow Cry
04. Devour
05. Undertow
06. Heaven’s Call
07. Cyanide
08. Terrorizer
09. Sadist Guilt
10. Wanderer

Harm’s Way’s New Album, Common Suffering, Coming This September, First Single “Silent Wolf” Out Now
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