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Ted Nugent Drums Up Satanic Panic with Some Casual Racism on the Side


Some people just can’t help themselves, huh? Something triggers ’em and BAM. Their mouth opens and some out of pocket stuff just tumbles right out. It happens on both sides of the political spectrum, with people of all colors, races, and creeds. It’s honestly the most American thing going on these days.

So it naturally was Ted Nugent‘s patriotic duty to go off while hosting a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). During the show, Mr. “Wango Tango” himself felt the need to comment on the social shitstorm surrounding country singer Jason Aldean and his song “Try That In A Small Town.”

For those that don’t know what’s going on, that song’s getting a lot of flak from people who say it’s pro-lynching at the hands of “good ol’ boys, raised up right” in rural America. A quick read of the song’s lyrics show that it’s only lightly veiled in its sentiments. Especially since it prominently features the courthouse in Columbia, Tennesee where an 18-year-old black man Henry Choate was lynched in 1927.

Still, the Nuge went on to defend Aldean’s song the only way he knows how: by demonizing the real source of the country’s problems. And that source is none other than “WAP,” the 2020 hit song by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

“When you see that the number one Grammy song a couple of years ago… Can I even say it? About a big, wet pussy? And just nasty. And I’m a big fan of sex; I love sex. I love the gift of the female spirit and body, the physics of spirituality. But when you get into the gutter, that nasty, especially a woman that celebrates the abuse of women in a nasty, dirty, vulgar, obscene song. And that wins the Grammy, but Jason Aldean comes out with a song condemning violence, condemning arson, condemning terrorism, condemning carjacking, condemning murder…”

So let’s get the record straight. Songs about sex and female sexuality? Bad. Song threatening lethal violence for acting up in a small town? Totally okay. But he wasn’t done there. After The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg pointed out some of the “racist imagery” she felt existed in the song, Nugent went off and well… you can probably guess what happened next.

“The Whoopi Goldbergs of the world, who — I don’t know if I can say this on The Nightly Nuge, but I just got word from the street. Now, I believe the street often — not all the time — but I do believe that Whoopi Goldberg is actually Michael Moore in blackface… The point is that the Whoopi Goldbergs of the world are literally condemning the condemnation of violence. So that means she’s on the side of Black Lives Matter when they burned down Seattle and Chicago and New York and Portland. The left condemning ‘Try That In A Small Town’ by Jason Aldean, which, of course, good Americans… You’re talking about good, bad and ugly. The good seeds made Jason Aldean song number one. The bad seeds are trying to rationalize and make excuses for arson, murder, vandalism, carjacking and terrorism in our towns. And the point of the song is that the good seeds will always be there for each other.”

Again, white boys threatening violence? Totally cool. Black people protesting the injustice of police brutality and destroying property in the process? Satanic. Wait, you don’t get the Satanic connection? Well Uncle Ted will put two and two together to make five.

“So good seeds are abundant, but the devil seeds run those in power, from Big Tech to media to Hollywood to the the teacher’s unions to the corporations with Anheuser Busch and Ford and Target and North Face and Tractor Supply. So we need to stand up to these people and we can do it with our feet and our pocket book. When we see Satan celebrated in glaring imagery; they’re not even hiding it. Don’t spend your hard-earned dollars at Target, or at Ford Motor Company, or at North Face, or at Tractor Supply. There’s so many of them. Certainly Anheuser Busch, they’re taking it in the ass where they deserve it.

“So we, the people, are the good seed who work hard, earn our own way, live within our means, save for our rainy days. Which… Whoopi Goldberg’s gang hates good over evil. They’re celebrating evil over good. So you’re right: the good seeds are abundant and we need to be more vocal and more upstanding.”

There you have it. Satan is causing people to dislike Jason Aldean and police brutality, while good seeds will always prop up musical content that defends their purely Anglo-Saxon, white bread ideas of what makes America “safe.” Naturally.

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