Ex-Iron Maiden Singer Blaze Bayley is Recovering from His Heart Attack: “I’m Feeling Very Positive”


In March, former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley suffered a heart attack that required quadruple bypass surgery. Fortunately, Bayley is on the mend and should be able to perform in the fall, as he said in a new interview, and he’s extremely grateful to be here and have the support he does.

“I’m feeling very positive. I start my monitored physiotherapy tomorrow. I’ve been walking and doing as much as I can. They advised me to stay active. I had a quadruple bypass, so they want me to keep moving, but I must not lift heavy things or put my chest under strain. For seven weeks, I haven’t used my arms. I couldn’t lift anything heavier than a carton of milk and sometimes that was a struggle in the beginning. Now, I’m getting back my strength. A few aches and pains, nothing to do with my heart. It’s good. I’m looking forward to having more rehearsals with the guys in Wolfsbane. We have some dates booked. Fingers crossed, they’ll go ahead. It felt good. I stood up for all the singing. I had my full voice but felt a bit tired afterward but no other problems. It’s what I expected for a first rehearsal for a long time. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling very positive. I suppose the overall feeling is I’m incredibly lucky. I had a heart attack, not heart failure.”

Bayley made it very clear that support from the fans has been very helpful in his recovery, both financially and mentally.

“The thing I feel most lucky about is the incredible support I’ve had from my fans. All over the world. My Wolfsbane, Blaze Bayley, the Maiden fans. Everybody bought a t-shirt for a tour that was postponed. They still bought it to support me. I’m just incredibly lucky. And the letters people wrote to me! Hundreds of cards from all over the place. It’s very humbling. I’ve always put my whole life into music. It is my life. When people get in touch with you and say, ‘I wish you well because your music has gotten me through tough times.’ ‘Your music meant this to me.’ ‘I first saw you way back when and it’s been the soundtrack to my life.’ It’s incredible.”

In addition to the fan club, Bayley said he’s in regular contact with Maiden bassist Steve Harris and that others sent messages of support as well. There are still things that he needs to change to stay out of the hospital, largely relating to diet and weight loss, but he has a good outlook.

“I’ve got to change. I don’t want to leave without singing, writing songs and getting the incredible energy that my fans give me. And I don’t want to be without my fiancé. My friends. I don’t want to be banged up in a hospital and people come and say, ‘Oh. You’ve had another heart attack that could have been avoided.’ I don’t want to be that. You can stop me if you see me eating hot dogs or jamming the candy. Smack my bald head and say, ‘Stop!’ [Laughs]”

It’s great to see Bayley on the mend and with such a positive outlook on life. Here’s to many more years of shows and music.

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