Sam Mooradian of Fallujah Drops Debut Record Bad Brain


Sam Mooradian, the renowned guitarist of Fallujah, dropped his first album as a solo act, Bad Brain, yesterday.

Mooradian says about the album:

Bad Brain feels like a musical companion to emotionally difficult times. It’s the result of years of trying to hone my own sound and style of prog metal while also navigating significant life changes and events, so it’s very fulfilling to have it finally released. I’ve always been driven to push all the elements of songwriting and structure to the absolute limit while keeping the music catchy and enjoyable; I think Bad Brain does that pretty well. Lots of crazy time signatures and tempo changes. Lots of untraditional arrangements. It’s dark; it’s melancholic, and it takes some interesting twists and turns. Hopefully, it’ll break your brain a little.”

He also released a few playthrough videos, which you can check out here:

Mooradian claims that the record should be listened to in order, as it creates an intentional auditory narrative.

Get the album here.

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