Mötley Crüe to Release 40th Anniversary Version of Shout At The Devil


Believe it or not, but we don’t hate everything about Mötley Crüe. Sure, they should have stayed retired if they were just going to phone it in, but we only feel that way because the band made some absolute bangers back in their day. There’s a huge contingency around the world that feels the band’s sophomore album Shout At The Devil is unassailable. I mean, it’s got “Shout at the Devil,” “Too Young to Fall in Love,” and “Looks That Kill”!

With its 40th anniversary coming up next month, Mötley Crüe and BMG announced today that they’ll be releasing a special edition of the album titled Year Of The Devil on October 27. Described as a “multi-configuration celebration” of that particular record, fans will be able to enjoy a long list of add-ons and extra features with this new version.

Along with a newly remastered edition of Shout At The Devil on LP, cassette, and CD, the “Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box Set” will include reproductions of the original 7″ singles of “Too Young To Fall In Love” and “Looks That Kill.” It will also come with a Pentagram Séance Board, Devil Board with Metal Planchette, Metal 7″ Adapter, album art lithographs, tarot cards, devil candle holder, and a bunch more. Oh and if you like demo tracks, the box set’s got ya covered since it will come with “seven rare demo tracks have been resurrected and are included.”

The remastered version of Shout At The Devil will be available on digital and streaming platforms. As for special LP variants, you can grab the following at their respective retail locations: Super Deluxe Box Set, Picture Disc, Red/Black Vinyl (Walmart),Ghostly Orange Vinyl (Urban Outfitters),Blood Filled Vinyl (Newbury Comics),LP Replica CD, and Lenticular CD (Walmart).

Year Of The Devil will release on October 27, but you can preorder your copy right now.

The full list of things you’ll get with the box set is listed below the following trailer. Seriously, it’s a lot and it’s sure to please any discerning fan. Maybe this will keep you from supporting a Mötley Crüe in 2023 that relies on backing tracks…

Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set Includes:

  • Original Album Remastered on Orange/Yellow Splatter LP
  • “Shout At The Demos & Rarities” Red/White Splatter LP
  • “Shout At The Devil” CD
  • “Shout At The Devil” Cassette
  • “Looks That Kill” White 7″
  • “Too Young To Fall In Love” Orange 7″
  • Devil Board w/Metal Planchette
  • Metal Pentagram 7″ Adapter
  • Pentagram Felt Bag
  • Devil Candle Holder (candle not included)
  • Band Member Tarot Cards
  • 12″ x 12″ Pentagram Séance Board
  • Two 12″ x 12″ Shout At The Devil Blood Album Cover Litho Art Prints

Album track listing:

  1. In The Beginning
  2. Shout At The Devil
  3. Looks That Kill
  4. Bastard
  5. God Bless The Children Of The Beast
  6. Helter Skelter
  7. Red Hot
  8. Too Young To Fall In Love
  9. Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid
  10. Ten Seconds To Love
  11. Danger

“Shout At The Demos & Rarities” track listing:

  1. Shout At The Devil (Demo)
  2. Looks That Kill (Demo)
  3. Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid (Demo)
  4. Too Young To Fall In Love (Demo)
  5. Hotter Than Hell (Demo for “Louder Than Hell”)
  6. I Will Survive (Demo)
  7. Black Widow (Demo)
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