Nik Nocturnal Channels His Inner Mick Gordon to Write a Killer DOOM Track


There are few video game soundtracks more skullcrushingly heavy than the music Mick Gordon conjured for the demon slaying epics Doom and Doom: Eternal. It feels like that’s just common knowledge at this point, since even non-gamers have come to recognize how fucking badass those tracks really are.

Though we’ve got two games’ worth of Mick Gordon madness, there’s always room for more music to slay hellspawn to. Enter Nik Nocturnal, the divisive YouTube personality and musician that had previously tackled Gordon’s style for a quick 30 second Short. Rather than leave things there, Nocturnal returned to the idea after Gordon himself commented on the short. What comes out as a result is a supremely heavy, synth-filled, napalm slinging nuclear bomb of demon destruction titled “Doom Slayer,” after the game series’ protagonist.

The best part about the whole affair is you get to see his writing and recording process. And by the end of it, I wanted to pick up a controller and neuter as many demons as I can with a chainsaw. Seriously, it sounds like it would fit right in with the rest of Gordon’s work.

If you’re less inclined to watch the full video and would rather just cut to the chase and hear the song, it’s available now on Spotify. Maybe someone can figure out a way to rip the track and mod it into the actual game. That’d be pretty sick (though don’t rip it and pirate that shit — that’s not cool).

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