The Shredderz, Amon Amarth, and An Autumn For Crippled Children Added to The MetalSucks Playlist


Another week, another MetalSucks Playlist update. As always, we’ve taken tracks from the last few days and added them to the running list of metal madness. From stoner metal to grindcore, we’ve got tracks to satisfy all tastes, so feel free to dive in. Summer’s only around for this last month and then the world starts to slowly get colder and die… so soak up the sun while you can while listening to these rippers.

Along with the addition of music by The Shredderz, Amon Amarth, and An Autumn For Crippled Children, we’ve added a number of other songs that moved the needle a bit this week. Songs like “Seed Of Death” by Nervosa, “Mountain Throne” by Green Lung, and “The Other Side of Anger” by Crypta were added, as well.

As always, we’ve updated the playlist on both Spotify and Apple Music, so feel free to hit play below or search for MetalSucks in the app to find the new list. And while you’re at it, feel free to subscribe to our podcast and other playlists if you choose.

All we ask in return is that you remember to also follow/like/subscribe/whatever the playlists so you never miss the new tracks added each week.

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