Sepultura’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Won’t Include the Cavalera Brothers


This should come as a shock to absolutely no one, but it’s extremely unlikely (read as: zero chance) that Sepultura will be made whole again with its original line up to celebrate four decades in the business. The news came about during a recent interview between the Sonoros Podcast and guitarist Andreas Kisser.

When asked how the band was planning on celebrating the upcoming milestone and whether the Cavalera brothers would be involved, Kisser was quick to shoot that down.

“No! What for, bro? To spoil the party?”

That sounds pretty unequivocal to me. The Cavaleras have been out of Sepultura for a long time, with Max having left in 1996 and Igor leaving to join his brother in 2006. They have since been touring around playing old Sepu n. As for new music, the guitarist said Sepultura’s not quite ready to commit writing and recording a new album just yet, since they don’t feel they were able to properly support their 2020 release Quadra.

“New record, no way now. The pandemic stretched, so the Quadra is still very new. So we have a lot to do with this record. We want to celebrate 40 years next year. We want to do a special tour. So, new record ‘take it easy’.”

You know, I bet they would sell gangbusters tickets if they reunited with the original lineup. Whether or not that will ever happen, however, is up to the dudes involved.

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