Seven)Suns Somehow Makes The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Prancer” Sound Even More Dangerous


You ever listen to something and instantly feel… unnerved by it? Maybe like the sheer dissonance rattling around in your brain case should immediately warn you of a knife-wielding murderer standing just around the corner? That’s the exact feeling I got when I first heard Seven)Suns‘ string quartet version of The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s “Prancer.”

In an effort to celebrate the tenth anniversary for One Of Us is the Killer, New York City native and Seven)Suns founder/violinist Earl Maneein fully arranged and recorded a string quartet version of the entire album. Along with Adda Kridler on violin, Fung Chern Hwei on viola, and Jennifer DeVore on cello, he set out to do just that and the result is what you can hear down below — dissonant chaos with a tinge of class.

You may remember Seven)Suns for their participation in the haunting title track of Dillinger’s final album Dissociation, as well as their performance with the band during their final shows back in 2017. What’s absolutely wild about this entire project is that it’s not really an interpretation of the source material. It’s not a “close enough” performance — it’s billed as a note-for-note recreation, only instead of guitar, bass, drums, and screeching, it’s violin, viola, and cello being used to create the madness.

If The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman once described the band’s music as “garbage cans falling down stairs,” then I’d probably describe Seven)Suns’ variation on their work like “Joseph Haydn writing a Classical piece during a major earthquake.” Even better yet, they describe themselves as “dystopian music rooted in the language of avant-metal and hardcore, played by a string quartet,” which is equally as apt.

So be sure to give their version of this absolutely insane track a listen and try to keep the goosebumps to a minimum. Seven)Suns’ One Of Us is The Killer will be released on September 29 via Silent Pendulum Records, but you can preorder your copy — either in vinyl or digital form — today.

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