Ex-Vital Remains’ Vocalist Brian Werner is Involved in the Return of Terrorizer


Hey, remember back at the beginning of the year when Pete Sandoval announced the end of the grindcore/death metal outfit Terrorizer for the second time of its existence? At the time he said he wanted to focus more on I Am Morbid, but at it turns out, old habits tend to die hard.

Last week, Sandoval announced that Terrorizer would be making a comeback, revealing that he’d recruited ex-Morbid Angel and current I Am Morbid bassist David Vincent to participate. That’s a good start and all, but yesterday, another new member was announced when former Vital Remains vocalist Brian Werner announced his involvement on social media.

“Been quiet about this for a little while, but now I got the thumbs up to announce that I will be singing for TERRORIZER with Pete [Sandoval, drums] and David [Vincent, bass]…… time to get back to work. Super excited to also be jamming with my brother Richie Brown too…….get ready the world is about to fall.”

As fans already know, Terrorizer’s been through the “we’re over” schtick before. Previously, the band was active from 1987 to 1989 before reforming again in 2005 until 2006. The band didn’t return until 2009, at which point they remained active for the next 14 years.

During that time, the band released two full-length albums (Hordes of Zombies and Caustic Attack) and a couple of live releases. The band ended their run with four total full-length studio efforts under their belt.

As it stands, Terrorizer already has at least one performance lined up — the Maranhão Open Air 2023 in São Luís, Brazil on October 22. Whether this revitalization of Terrorizer means there’s more shows and new music on the way remains to be seen.

Still, this just goes to further prove that just like comic book characters, metal bands are never truly dead.

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