Review: Spirit Adrift Keep it Epic on Ghost At The Gallows


Spirit Adrift is the kind of band that plays straight-ahead, epic heavy metal with a classic flare that’s not necessarily reinventing things when it comes to genre conventions. For some, that means a band bereft of imagination, but for those who like a straight-forward approach to their metal from time to time, Spirit Adrift don’t disappoint, as they stick with these tried-and-true conventions while still pushing their sound even further on their upcoming release, Ghost At The Gallows.

Set for release this Friday, August 18 via Century Media, Ghost At The Gallows is stuffed to the gills with infectious riffs and headbang-inducing rhythms that build toward a solid album. Take the album’s first single “Death Won’t Stop Me,” which right off the bat was an excellent indicator of what the rest of the album holds. The driving force behind the track feels like an unstoppable driving force that got really into Western flicks, as it follows the story of an immortal narrator with a cosmic view.

“Barn Burner” is probably my favorite track from the record. As the name suggests, it is straight ahead and heavy, not holding anything back. Classically influenced heavy metal guitar riffs lead the entire song to a crescendo backed up by a more modern style of drumming. “Siren of the South” is another favorite for the decidedly Southwestern influence that the band can’t help but lean on from time to time.

Throughout album’s eight tracks, the band never slow down or loose momentum, even during slow interludes and transitions. While these songs would work just as well on random shuffle, they are clearly paying tribute to those before them in metal in more ways than one, as the flow of this album is very strong.

The band have mentioned regarding this record that they wanted to come up with something timeless that would sum up the band’s journey so far, while also focusing on the all too human reality of going through the grieving process. As such, the album offers a bit of catharsis, as it clearly sounds like some demons are being exorcised through Spirit Adrift’s music. And we’re all along for the ride.

Spirit Adrift’s Ghost At The Gallows will be released on August 18 via Cenury Media, though you can preorder your copy today.

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