Thy Art Is Murder Post Pro-Trans Statement Following Vocalist’s Inflammatory Comments


Days after Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon threw a tantrum online for having his anti-trans commentary taken down by Instagram, the band threw up a pretty low energy attempt at a pro-trans post on their Instagram in hopes of “setting the record straight.”

The post from earlier today featured a trans pride flag as the main image with the simple caption of “Setting the record straight, we stand with you.” Interestingly enough, they followed that statement with a white flag emoji, followed by the trans symbol. Maybe they meant that white flag to symbolize the flag they posted as the main image, but it looks like they’re giving in to pressure with that one, which is kinda funny.

I’m also calling it a “low energy attempt” at a pro-trans statement because they don’t reference McMahon’s comments at all, nor do they distance themselves from their bandmate’s commentary. To the outsider, this just looks like some performative action taken to calm people’s feelings about what happened and what was said.

For those that don’t know what’s going on, according to third-party accounts (since his initial post was reported and removed by moderators), McMahon reposted some anti-trans content originally posted by far-right provocateur Matt Walsh. In it, a woman is asking her toddler if she’s a boy of a girl, to which the child says “both.” The mother then accepts that answer and says “okay, you’re both.”

The problem came when McMahon’s caption contained a comment where he suggested that the woman in the video “be burned to death.” Naturally, that got reported to Instagram and was taken down since it violates their policies.

That then caused McMahon to tell his followers that he was “going off social media for good” and would only make posts to promote TAIM and would not be returning messages on any platforms. He also said he would open make posts to promote TAIM and would not be returning messages on any platforms, but OnlyFans’ Acceptable Use Policy explicitly says you can’t “upload, post, display, or publish Content on OnlyFans that is illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, hateful, discriminatory, threatening or harassing, or which encourages or promotes violence or any illegal activity.” So that plan might not work out too well for him.

For your own edification, below are some screenshots providing additional context to what’s going on.

We’ll see if this post is enough to cool the waters surrounding this situation. Their new album Godlike will be available on September 15, so they very likely want this to go away.

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