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Thy Art Is Murder Forced to Push Back Release of Godlike By a Week


Australian deathcore act Thy Art Is Murder hasn’t had the best time in the press lately and yet another issue could further hamper their sixth studio album Godlike. Earlier today, the band took to social media to announce that the new album would have to be pushed back a week to September 22 due to unforeseen production delays.

The new album is their first under their own record label Human Warfare. According to their statement on the matter, the band said it was forced into the “hard decision” to delay the release, but industry-wide issues contributed to the situation. The album was originally supposed to be part of this Friday’s long list of new releases.

“It truly pains us to say it, but we’ve made the hard decision to delay the release of our new album Godlike by a week to September 22nd. We had hoped that we would be lucky enough to avoid the production delays that have been affecting the entire industry for some time but despite our best efforts, we won’t have vinyl, CD’s and the remaining merch in time for the initial release date.

Godlike is our first independent record and we’ve poured everything we have into all facets of this release. We want to ensure that you all get the opportunity to hear the record in your desired format on release date, and pushing the release back a week was the only way to make that happen. Selfishly, this also gives us the best opportunity for chart positions by synchronizing the release of all formats.

Thank you so much for your patience and support. We promise that Godlike is absolutely worth the wait and we can’t wait to see you all on the road.”

At least this news is better than the recent headlines the band’s gotten in recent weeks, following an anti-trans social media post by vocalist CJ McMahon last month that suggested a mother “be burned to death” for supporting their child’s apparent gender identity. The band offered a rather milquetoast apology before McMahon ultimately walked his statement back as well — but only after saying he was quitting social media and heading to OnlyFans to post unabated.

So as it stands, if you’re waiting for Thy Art Is Murder’s new album, you’ve got another seven days added to the wait.

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