Death Dealer Union’s Lena Scissorhands Shares Some Vocal Warmup Tips


Guitarists may have the flashiest role in a band and both the drummer and bassist may be the backbone of any tune, but let’s be real — it’s the vocalists of the world that we all connect with. And while they may have the easiest job in terms of setting up before a gig, they also have one of the hardest warm up and practice regimens in the group.

Seriously, singers run the risk of causing severe harm to their voices if they don’t warm up and practice. Failing to do so would be like trying to run a marathon without stretching or properly hydrating — eventually something’s going to so wrong.

So with all that in mind, we asked Infected Rain and Death Dealer Union vocalist Lena Scissorhands to share her vocal warm up tips and tricks. Throughout the video below, she covers topics ranging from how to find a proper vocal coach to how important it is to keep your instrument (hint: your body) ready to perform.

Keep in mind that what may work for Lena may not work for you. Use these tips as a jumping off point and maybe even you can deliver br00tal vocals on stage.

Death Dealer Union’s new album Initiation will be released next Friday, September 22, though you can preorder your copy today.

‘Initiation’ Track List:

  1. Initiation
  2. The Vow of Silence
  4. Ekphrasis
  5. The Integument
  6. Mythos
  7. The Big Blue
  8. Back To Me
  9. The Downfall
  10. Love Me When I’m Ugly
  11. Anew
  12. Beyond Heaven
Death Dealer Union’s Lena Scissorhands Shares Some Vocal Warmup Tips
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