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Prog Band Unprocessed Announce New Album


German prog band Unprocessed are back with a new single, “Thrash,” out on their forthcoming record …and everything in between.

The album is out December 1 and follows their 2022 record, Gold.

About the song, the band say:

“‘Thrash’ is the ultimate composite of everything Unprocessed has ever created, ranging from the style of our tracks on Covenant to Gold, while adding brand new never explored elements to our style. This new direction could be described as ‘futuristic thrash metal’ and will hopefully create a moment for modern guitar playing and the innovation of new playing styles. Lyrically, ‘Thrash’ deals with the odd effects of a fever dream and its twist on reality for the person experiencing it.

You ca see from the sample that “Thrash” provides that the record is technical and heavy but also full of raw power and catchiness. The moniker “futuristic thrash metal” is really relevant here, as the record is both punk and classic and also pushing the boundaries of technique and style.

About the record, the band add:

“Taking all influences and combining them into an ultimate evolution of everything Unprocessed has ever been, while still adding a new flavor and style to the mix. Epic riffs with intricate licks and mind-bending rhythms, brutal breakdowns, epic guitar solos, and big and catchy choruses.”

And everything in between can quite literally be described as everything in between the extremes of life. Dealing with anger, sorrow, nostalgia, love, and fear, the album reflects on the different shades of a personality that everyone is made out of (e.g. there is evil in everyone).”

About the new album, the band add:

You can preorder the record here.

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