Important West Coast Recording Studio The Pit Forced to Relocate


If you’ve listened to a heavy album in the last decade, you’ve heard something that Taylor Young played a part in. The prolific musician (Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, ex-Nails) and producer (it’s easier to just look at his Metal Archives page) has operated since 2011 and become a destination for recording, mixing and mastering, in addition to being home for Young and his wife, Kylla, for 17 years. Now, Young has revealed that the couple have been given 60 days to vacate the premises.

Having to relocate obviously throws a huge monkey wrench into the general lives of both Youngs, so a GoFundMe was established by Harm’s Way guitarist/Hardlore podcast co-host Bo Lueders. The money will help them survive while having their income disrupted because The Pit made up a significant portion of it.

You can read Hardlore’s Instagram post below. The GoFundMe is now accepting donations. There will also be a special benefit stream via Whatnot.

RIP The Original Pit Studio

Last week, Taylor Young (God’s Hate, Twitching Tongues) and his wife Kylla were unexpectedly given 60-days notice to vacate their home/studio of 17+ years, AKA The Pit.

The Pit has been pivotal to California’s entire hardcore/punk/metal ecosystem, recording and mixing bands such as Drain, Militarie Gun, Mindforce, Sunami, Rotting Out, Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, Suicide Silence and many more. After consistently recording/housing hardcore, punk and metal bands from all over the world since 2011, now they will have to find and rebuild a new space from scratch, losing all income until a new space is complete. This cause means a lot to both of us, thank you for reading. Link in bio, please consider donating and sharing.

Special Whatnot benefit stream for the Pit this Friday.

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