Peace Was Never an Option for Corey Taylor


Everyone draws inspiration from somewhere, right? Corey Taylor has been making music for three decades now and clearly something is motivating him to keep going. Speaking to Youtuber Kyle Meredith (transcribed by Blabbermouth), Taylor discussed the sense of restlessness and anger that gives him the energy to keep singing heavy music.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be a truly peaceful person. [Laughs] And I know that’s so cliché these days, but there’s still things that they get my blood up. Maybe it’s the Irish in me. Maybe it’s the German in me. I’m not really [sure]. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. There’s still things in this world that fire me up hard, especially the way that we talk to each other and the way we act towards each other and the way we treat people these days is so ugly and gross that it makes me need to use that voice, man. Just when I thought I could kind of keep myself calm when just talking to my kids, I’m unleashing the dad voice on the audience. And poor Griff [Taylor’s son] grew up with it more than his sister has, but he definitely knows when it’s time to straighten up and listen to dad, which is probably why he has that voice now.”

Taylor went on to elaborate that he thinks fans will be into a band’s music as long as they remain honest about their feelings. In a world where it feels like more things break every day, that’s not a hard thing for the Slipknot singer to do.

“I don’t know if it’s just because I’m protective of people or if I’m really conscious of the things that go on culturally, society-wise, politically — I mean, there’s just so many different things that you can look at that fire you up that if you have that passion, it’s never gonna go away. So for me, that’s really what it is. As long as you’re writing about the things that you can kind of lean into eloquently in that sense, then that thing, it’s just gonna come naturally. It’s when you try to force it that it sounds forced. And I don’t think people realize that, man. When you hear something that feels forced, it’s probably because that artist doesn’t really believe in it, and, to me, I’m never gonna do that to the audience. I’m never gonna make people feel like I’m talking about something that I don’t care about, ’cause I don’t have time for that — nobody has time for that.”

Taylor just released his second solo LP, CMF2, so he’ll probably have more opinions this week.

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