11 Black Metal Bands You Might Be Missing Out On Part 2


Today, we will be exploring currently active black metal acts that deserve more recognition. Some worthy examples, most of which are no less great than our main choices, include Funeral Harvest, Saligia, Tragediens Trone, Visegard, Kirkebrann, Psykdom, Blood Chalice, Kas, and Chaos Invocation. Despite being a supergroup, Umoral should also be more well-known. Similarly, the underrated NettleCarrier boasts a couple of famed musicians: Djevel’s mastermind, Ciekals, as well as Koldbrann and Urgehal’s Mannevond. We love the Tsjuder side projects Tyrann and Krypt, though we will have to wait and see if they ever produce new content.

Tilintetgjort earned much acclaim this year with their debut album, In Death I Shall Rise, but many are still unaware of their music. D.R.E.P. likewise released their debut, Drastically Reducing Earth’s Population, this June. We eagerly await Suicide Circle’s sophomore record, Bukkake of Souls. This somewhat hidden gem of a band features the legendary Meyhna’ch of Mütiilation.

Without further ado, we present our 11 picks.

Special Recommendation: Shuyet

The German-based outfit Shuyet revealed their three-song self-titled EP in 2020. Shuyet served as the band’s phenomenal first release. The project mines inspiration from ancient Egyptian myths, traditions, and civilizations. Shuyet’s vocals are provided by a mysterious guest artist, whose sublime artistry has blown our minds. Indeed, his performances are epic dramatic perfection. It is safe to say that this anonymous genius, whoever he may be, is a top-notch frontman.

Fortunately, Shuyet recently completed their first full-length album, which we eagerly await. It contains nine songs. This is because the ancient Egyptians believed that there were nine components of the soul. Shuyet numbers among the nine and can be defined as “the shadow cast by the body, symbolic of a person’s legacy or influence.” Hear more of the band’s own explanation:

“Our debut album stands as a dedicated homage to this introspective process, intricately weaving together art and music.

The artwork, a collection of nine illustrations, intricately captures and visualizes the various facets of the soul. Each song on the album is a dedicated ode to a specific aspect of this intricate soul. We hope to convey the essence of facing the deepest spheres of our soul, mirroring the profound quest for self-discovery. This is more than an album; it’s a narrative, an exploration, and a tribute to our existence beyond death and journey through the afterlife.”


Ild, also known as Ildebrann, is the highly rewarding project of Horgmo, or H, a photographer. Horgmo is now joined by Livløst’s X, who made his first appearance with Ild on their sophomore record, Kvern, which was officially released earlier this month. Horgmo crafts delightfully disturbing music and remarkable lyrics. He always makes sure that Ild’s imagery is haunting, unique, and memorable. The split Offervals Orchestral Transmutation (2022) was an especially interesting concept: to be clear, as one might more or less assume, it contains an orchestral version by Hogstul of the Ild song “Offervals” from Knippe (2020) as well as the original version.


The brainchild of Erik E., who was known as “Sorg” in the fabled Windir, Ene is an underrated Norwegian Necro Black Metal outfit. Ene first charmed us with their glorious debut, Lang kald natt (2021). This one-man band released their sophomore album, Et alter av forakt, in July. Both full-length efforts were mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö.


Founded in 2005, Svartelder features ex-1349’s Tjalve, Gaahls Wyrd’s Spektre, and frontman Doedsadmiral of the powerhouses Nordjevel and Doedsvangr. In the past, Svartelder boasted other great talents, such as In the Woods…’s Anders Kobro, ex-In the Woods’ James Fogerty, and ex-Sarkom’s Renton. We also believe that Doedsadmiral’s groups Hord of Hel and Nattverd should be more popular, and thus recommend them as well.


Norway’s Askeregn is a revered band, though their status remains somewhat underground. This most excellent yet enigmatic entity includes E. Rustad, a.k.a. “Levninger,” of the magnificent Knokkelklang, Syning, etc. So far, Askeregn has released two albums — Monumenter and Brennende åkres gr​ø​de — and some other content. Askeregn’s authentic work is truly worthy of your attention and support.

Blood Tyrant

The raw black metal band Blood Tyrant consists of Yrch Malachi and The Specter, two prolific men of many bands and various monikers. Blood Tyrant unleashed their sophomore album, Codex Cruor, last year. The Specter’s brainchildren include the important lo-fi synth project Old Tower. The Specter has actually repeatedly lent his expertise to Invunche as a guest artist.


Invunche is the Dutch-based project of the Chilean-born shamanic sorcerer El Invunche. Through Invunche’s psychedelic punk-infused black metal, El Invunche pays tribute to South American history and folklore. The band’s music has been compared to that of the great Norwegian hero Ildjarn. Thus far, Invunche has unleashed two wicked demos, a split, and EP, and a full-length album.


Founded in 2020, Ekrom has already earned the backing of many hardened black metal maniacs. Ekrom features Nocturnal Breed’s Thomas Ødegaard and ex-Covenant‘s Kharon. Ekrom unveiled their first EP, The Black Flames of Seth, last year, and dropped their debut album, Uten n​å​digst formildelse, this fall. Ekrom laces their raw and atmospheric metal with beautiful synths. Their work contains symphonic and melodic elements.


Musical veteran P.E. Packain formed Theriomorph from the ashes of Cornigr. Theriomorph is a pleasantly unique band. Many of the ideas that were originally planned for Theriomorph were actually used by Packain for the female-fronted international effort Adaestuo, which we also enjoy. For more great Finnish metal, check out Bythos as well. The quirky related outfit Trollheims Grott is another fun option that will conquer your heart with “Bizarre Troll Technology” and other lethal weapons.


We highly recommend Sarath’s eponymous project, which was formed in 2001. Passionate and raw, Sarah is extremely pleasurable by black metal standards. Sarath has released demos, an EP, and one album — Siste indre (2010). In the past, Sarath the artist was part of Unbeing, an outfit that had included the late legend Steingrim Torson at an earlier stage. Sarath was also a live member of Celestial Bloodshed, which was fronted by Steingrim. In addition, he not only provided a bit of guest vocals for CB, but he furthermore acted as a producer and engineer to them. He has done production work for other greats like Selvhat; One Tail, One Head; and Kaosritual.

Umbra Conscientia

Formed in 2018, Terratur Possessions’ Umbra Conscientia consists of two members hailing from Costa Rica and one based in Germany. Umbra Conscientia is a new by band by black metal standards, yet they have been keeping the good-old flame of Satanism alive. Fortunately, this act has been steadily gaining recognition. Umbra Conscientia is booked to play at Inferno Fest 2024.

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