Weekend Nachos Reunite for First Show Since 2017


Iconic powerviolence band Weekend Nachos reunited this weekend in their hometown of Chicago, Illinois. 

This was the band’s first show since 2017, and as predicted, fans went nuts. On November 18, The band played 17 songs to a stoked audience at The Metro in Chicago. They shared the stage with Harm’s Way, who were celebrating their album release. It also featured All Out War, Fleshwater, and Ingrown

But don’t get too much fomo—If you missed this iconic show, there will be more. The band will be playing in May at both Northwest Terror Fest and Maryland DeathFest. We’re not sure if there will be any more shows after that, but we definitely hope so. 

Speaking of the show, the band called what happened on the 18th a “movie,” reminiscing how it was a great return to form for them.

“Last night was a movie. The barrier wasn’t ideal (and forced on the show at the last minute) but we hope you had fun in spite. We sure did. Thanks for making a bunch of 40-somethings feel special. Extra thanks to @harmsxway for being our brothers from Day 1 ”

Check out the setlist from The Metro show: 

01. “Pain Over Acceptance”
02. “Hometown Hero”
03. “Obituary”
04. “Necrolepsy”
05. “Snowball Fight”
06. “Priorities”
07. “Unholy Victory”
08. “Dog Torture”
09. “Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit”
10. “Black Earth”
11. “Sickened No More”
12. “Frostbitten”
13. “Intro: End of Your Faith”
14. “2009”
15. “Elevated Tracks”
16. “Shot in the Head”
17. “Jock Powerviolence”

You can also check out video footage from the show,  shared via YouTube by 2XIL3D LIVE. If this footage is any indication, the next few shows will be nuts. 

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