Slave to the Grind



After I posted an open letter of apology to Meek is Murder yesterday, MS reader Hendecahedron accused me of being sarcastic in my praise for the band. And while I can understand Hendecahedron’s instinct – I’m sarcastic an awful lot more than I’m sincere – in this case, I was being completely unironic. I am now fucking in LOVE with Meek is Murder. So in love with them that I’ve been listening to their EP, Mosquito Eater, pretty much on repeat since Monday night, taking only two breaks – once to listen to Nevermore’s The Obsidian Conspiracy, and once to listen to it again. (Of course, I also ate and showered and pooped and all that stuff, but I mean of my considerable time spent listening to music… you get it.) In other words, if I don’t cut it out with Mosquito Eater soon, I’m officially going to be bad my job (hold your jokes, peanut gallery).

And I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can download the EP for free on the band’s MySpace page (scroll down and look on the right-hand side for the link). I’m sure they’d much prefer if you paid for a physical copy, but they’re making it avail for zip zilch nada, so, y’know. They get it. Go download it now.

And expect me to continue to fawn over this band with a trace of sarcasm for some time to come.



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