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Yesterday you got your first taste of two full songs, “High on Hate” and “No Funeral,” from Nachtmystium’s upcoming masterpiece, Addicts; in the comments section, reader thrasheaderek helpfully pointed out that there’s also an e-card where you can listen to two additional tracks, “Nightfall” and “Blood Trance Fusion.” If you’re one of the readers who found “No Funeral” to be “shocking” or “interesting” or some other such word for “Wow, didn’t see that coming,” well… get ready to feel that way again. There’s ten tracks on the album, which means you’ve now heard 40% of it. The diverse and unexpected nature of the music should now be fairly clear in your mind.

Listen to the new tracks here. And if you’re already sick of me talking about Addicts, well… tough. It’s a great record and we’re gonna be splooging all over it quite a bit between now and its June 8 release.


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