Green Eggs and Slam



There must be something in the water out there in Chicago, because they’re churning out ridiculously tight, brutal deathcore bands so fast it makes the American Apparel sweatshop look like it’s in slow motion. Fans of moshing are surely already familiar with Demolisher, Monsters, and Oceano, who are producing some of the best metalcore this side of VOD, Bloodlet or A Life Once Lost. The newest addition to the Chicago moshcore cartel is ROOKS, featuring ex-members of all three bands, and I think they’ll be the most palatable to MetalSucks readers.



Rooks’ sound is somewhere between the progressive djent stylings of Meshuggah and the all-out brutality of Demolisher, with a slightly more accessible and melodic take on the Chicago moshcore sound than most of their peers. I almost want to say that they’ve got a hint of Deftones in there, but perhaps I’m going too far with that. I’m told that Frankie from Emmure is managing them or something, so hopefully you will hear bigger things from them soon — in the meantime, hit them up on Myspace and check out their self-release EP, Addition By Subtraction!

-Sergeant D.

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