Hipsters Out Of Metal!



The new Rush album Clockwork Angels totally explodes my loads and here’s why: The men of Rush seem to have taken notice of their progeny. That is, Angels plays like the first-ever post-neo-prog Rush record, via surreal instrumentation (The Mars Volta), epic scope (Mastodon), and neat storytelling (Between The Buried And Me). Plus producer Nick Rasculinsihdszgassdhfurt contributes the dimensionality that he brought Diamond Eyes (Deftones). Wow right?

It is thrilling evidence of the cycle of inspiration, of influence long ago fed from Rush into kids, kids who have now come of age and made brilliant shit which has fed back into Rush and Clockwork Angels. The album represents the mindset of 2112 Rush reprocessed by the unhurried, skilled adults of 2012 Rush. Kinda like the master Scorsese’s gauzy retro classic Hugo after a string of solid, unambitious outings. BONERZ!!

And dude it looks like post-prog-metal fever is festering also in Rush’s metal counterparts, Voivod. Today’s brand new jam — the first from Target Earth (out Jan 22) — seems to indicate a full-blown case: it’s long, it winds and backtracks, it rides a killer performance from singer Denis “Snake” Bélanger, its guitar solo is colossal, it stuffs your butthole for eight minutes! Fuck yeah go to Pitchfork to jam!



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