This Rage is Incendiary and Primal

Incendiary, the hardcore representives on our 2011 NYC Sucks compilation, are streaming a new song, “Primal Rage,” over at The Deciblog — but you shouldn’t listen to it unless you have renter’s or home owner’s insurance. The track isn’t revolutionary hardcore so much as it’s just really good hardcore — fast n’ aggro n’ dirty n’ infectious — and is very likely to make you mosh up and down your walls and ceilings, like an extreme music version of Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding.

Yup, I just worked a Fred Astaire reference into a post about a song that has a breakdown. Deal with it.

So. Once you make sure you’re not gonna hafta pay for the damages, you can stream “Primal Rage” here. It will appear on Incendiary’s new album, Cost of Living, which comes out March 19 on Closed Casket Activities.

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