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Ex-Scale the Summit Bassist Jordan Eberhardt Joins The Contortionist


Jordan EberhardtIf you’re a prog metal fanboy/dork like I am than you most likely already knew that Jordan Eberhardt vacated the bass spot in Scale the Summit in 2012. As a founding member that couldn’t have been an easy decision, but at the time he cited the rigorous touring schedule as the main impetus for his decision.

Welp, it seems like he’s had second thoughts about leaving the rock star life behind for good: Eberhardt has joined The Contortionist.

Before I go any further, I want to tell you all that I have heard The Contortionist’s new album Language, and holy shit, it’s glorious. Easily their best yet, and the very album they needed to make. I’m not certain whether Eberhardt played on it or not, but hopefully we’ll be able to share something from that album with you all very soon.

ANYWAY, we learned of Jordan’s addition to The Contortionist’s lineup via MS reader Cesar V., who alerted us to the following post on Jordan’s Facebook page:

I’m finally heading to Europe! My band #thecontortionist will be out with our good friends #protestthehero and #thefaceless in Nov/Dec. See you guys there!

That tour, of course, was announced earlier today.

I absolutely loved Eberhardt’s work in Scale the Summit and think he’ll make a fine addition to The Contortionist’s already-tight live unit. No word on why Christopher Tilley is no longer in the band, but I’m sure it’s all the usual reasons and we’ll get an official statement soon.

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