Corey Taylor Provided Roars for an Alien Overlord on Doctor Who



Doctor Who was never my cup of tea. It seems like the kind of franchise I’d have to start from the beginning and research while I watch, and I’m just too busy writing about Slayer eating a sandwich or whatever to dedicate myself to that. But I’ll say this: the show has great creature design. From the Ood to the Angels to The Beast, the monsters and aliens on Doctor Who are creepy and awesome.

So given the show’s love of creepy monsters and its nerdy and entrenched fanbase, it’s no surprise that the creators have tapped the metal world for help. According to Mirror, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor will be providing “deep and terrifying roar to the alien warlord known as Fisher King” in the October 3rd episode of the show. Apparently, the creators contacted Slipknot during a recent show in Cardiff, gave them a tour of the set, and got Taylor to bellow for them.

This isn’t the only metal reference, and it’s certainly a cool one, but I can’t help but wonder if it shows off the show creator’s lack of genre knowledge at large. Slipknot are great, as is Taylor’s voice, but there are certainly bands out there who sound much more like a giant spike-covered alien than they do. They could have tapped Corpsegrinder or Ben Falgoust, but instead they just went with the most famous metal band in England.

Aaanyway, listen for Taylor’s roar this Saturday on the BBC. Whether or not we’ll see the Doctor huffing a dead crow and vomitting into a crowd remains to be seen.

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