Vektor’s New Track Crafted by the “Ultimate Artificer”


Last we heard from Philly’s Vektor, vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto was thankfully having charges against him for assault with a sudsy weapon dropped. Which is good, as DiSanto could spend his time working on new Vektor material rather than picking up trash by the roadside or keeping an eye out for the cornhole.

Thankfully, that time has paid off, as the band has just released a new track, “Ultimate Artificer,” posted below. It’s pretty much everything you expect from a Vektor track — acrobatic thrash riffs, high shrieking vocals, a ton of solid speedy drum work, and a nasty chanting chorus at the end. It rules, basically, is what I’m telling you. Listen to it right now.

The band’s new album, Terminal Redux, is set to drop February 2016 from Earache.

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