Who Wants to be in Amon Amarth’s New Video?


About a month ago, we posted “Raise Your Horns”, the badass metal drinking song from Amon Amarth’s latest album Jomsviking. Well, now the band is making a video for that song–and they want you to be in it.

The idea is, if you and your friends are attending an Amon Amarth show, or if you have a shrine to the band in your house, or if you want to dress up in all your Amon Amarth gear and get wasted in the woods, you should take a video of you and your friends raising your horns in their name. Assumedly, this means your signs of the horns, but something tells me that if you raise a drinking horn to them, they’ll be okay with it.

This is kind of cheesy, and it’s an easy way to get your fans to make your video for you…but you know I’m taking part in this. Oh, Hell yes. Look for my roly-poly Anselmo-ish ass pounding mead from my drinking horn.

All clips should be e-mailed to raiseyourhornsvideo@gmail.com, with all YouTube links featuring #RaiseYourHorns in the title. The deadline is May 27th, with an estimated June release for the video, so you have some time. My advice, though? Send in your videos today. Do you want to live forever?! Valhalla awaits!


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