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Lookie Lookie: Hailee Steinfeld Wears a Motörhead Shirt in the New Transformers Spin-Off


If you thought the fact that Transformers 5 underperformed at the box office meant we were out of the woods with these insipid movies, well, you just don’t understand how Hollywood works. They are already hard at work at a new spin-off/prequel about Bumblebee, which is the yellow robot that can’t talk/the only one you can tell apart from the others besides Optimus.

Fuck’s this got to do with metal? Not much, but here’s the tangential connection: it would appear that Bumblebee‘s lead, Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld (True GritEdge of Seventeen), will be wearing a Motörhead shirt in the movie. This is presumably intended to both ensure that the costumes look correct for the period (the flick is set in 1987 because who knows) and on capitalize metal shirts’ current trendiness amongst even the non-metal.

You may now proceed to the comments section to bitch about this/behave as if you’re unaware that you don’t need a Metal Cred Card just to buy one of these shirts.

Bumblebee hits theaters on Whogivesafuck 32nd, 20eatmeen.

[via Slashfilm]

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