Bon Jovi Beats Judas Priest and Rage Against the Machine into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


This shouldn’t really surprise anyone, given how the fan voting portion of the nomination process worked out, but it’s now officially official: Bon Jovi will be the closest thing to a “metal” representative at next year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction. They beat out Judas Priest and Rage Against the Machine, and will be inducted alongside The Cars, The Moody Blues, Dire Straits, and Nina Simone.

Priest, in other words, were the only artist to break the top five in the fan poll not to be inducted.

Before you get too pissy about this, just remember that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is completely meaningless. You know what will ultimately decide whether or not Priest and RATM belong in the Hall of Fame or not? History. And my guess is, in fifty, a hundred years from now, people will still be listening to “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Breaking the Law” and “Killing in the Name.” Just my two cents.

[via Bring Back Glam!]

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