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Buckcherry - 15The story goes like this: everyone knew Buckcherry as the band that did “that Cocaine song,” which came off their self-titled 1999 debut. The song was a hit, but ’80s glam nostalgia had yet to catch on in 1999, and the band didn’t gain traction, largely forgotten by the time their second album Time Bomb was released a few years later. A failed solo career by singer Joshua Todd and a few lineup changes later, Todd regrouped with primary songwriter/guitarist Keith Nelson last year to write and record what would eventually become 15, all without the benefit of a record label. To everyone’s surprise the album took off due in large part to the racy video for “Crazy Bitch,” whose scantily clad strippers caused quite an uproar, not to mention the hook about, well… a crazy bitch (“she fucks so good, i’m on top of it!”). After selling several thousands copies independently, big boys Atlantic Records took notice and licensed the album, astonishingly achieving a gold record within a year.

The album starts with the upbeat “So Far,” a storming hard rocker about the rock and roll lifestyle that could have easily been penned by Appetite-era Guns N’ Roses. The infectious “Next 2 You” follows, and despite the stupid use of the numeral “2,” this tale of unrequited love does indeed rock. The ballad “Everything” is as good as anything this band has ever written, but don’t think Poison-esque love ballad; think Aerosmith badass ballad, something along the lines of “Cryin’.” Album cut “Brooklyn” is one of the highlights, a beer drenched blues tune with more slide guitar than any feaux-Brooklyn hipster will ever see in their lifetime. The rock n’ roll anthem “Crazy Bitch” picks right up where “Lit Up” (the aforementioned “that cocaine song”) left off, and album closer “Broken Glass” is another scorcher to end the album right. This is Buckcherry’s best album yet.


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