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51kmtfe5rfl_aa240_.jpgInspired by last week’s lively debate with our friend Jason, I thought it high time we talk about one of the best bands to emerge in recent memory. Demiricous are what Slayer would sound like if Tom Araya gargled with broken glass – in fact, Araya has joked about Demiricous owing Slayer royalties, and Kerry King has declared them one of his favorite new bands. Produced by Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed), One (Hellbound) is a bludgeoning, brutal slab of molten metal that combines the best element of thrash and death; whether it’s the near blast beats of “Cheat the Leader” or the blistering riffage of “Matador” or the anthemic chants of “To Serve is to Destroy” or just the sick-fuckness that is “Vagrant Idol” (featuring one my favorite lyrical lines of ’06: “Daily war to find the fix to find the camp to find the will to live in hell and suffer over everyday’s necessities”… that is fucked, dude), there’s no denying that this album absolutely kills from start to finish. Plus, these guys have the, like, most totally awesome beards in metal. On this album, Demiricous succeed where so many fail (I’m talking to you, Sanctity): they pay homage to old school thrash without ever sounding dated. Expect even bigger things from them in the very near future.


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