• Axl Rosenberg

white-pebble-tmrpb04.jpgI mean, I know that “Kid Suck” isn’t that clever, but “Kid Pebble?”

Anyways, we’re not gonna post video of the fight because what video there is is pretty lame – you just see Tommy getting pulled away by security, no punches thrown or nuthin’. “Kid Pebble” was apparently cited for misdemeanor battery and will go to court receive his slap on the wrist sometime in the next month. Lee, meanwhile, continues to act like a total wuss, claiming that if the fight had gone on he would have kicked Kid’s ass (I love it when some dip shit uses this defense after losing a fight – Danzig pulled the same shit a few years back) before commenting that “This is what people do when they have shitty albums and their careers are going down the drain,” which is pretty funny, given the current state of Tommy Lee’s own career and the quality of his recent output (Rock Star Supernova, anyone?).

Meanwhile, with his midget sidekick dead and his non-midget sidekick awaiting trial for rape, Kid Rock’s manager is probably somewhere drinking himself into a stupor, pondering “The Curse of the Kid.”


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