• Axl Rosenberg

2759.jpgStryper – uh, that is, Demon Hunter – the Christiancore band most easily defined by their lead singer’s gold teeth and drummer’s morbid obesity (seriously – are we taking bets on when this dude will suffer a massive heart attack right in the middle of a gig?), have posted a new song, “Fading Away,” on their MySpace page, The Gauntlet reports.

And, frankly, the song sucks – it sounds like the kind of nu metal power ballad bands like Spineshank used to specialize in (actually, that’s probably unfair to Spineshank). Demon Hunter are pro-life and pro-abstinence, though, so if the awfulness of the song prevents one teenage male from being able to get it up and fuck his girlfriend, I guess the band will be happy.

“Fading Away” comes from the band’s forthcoming release Storm the Gates of Hell. The band reportedly named the album that after realizing that the infinitely more clever To Hell with the Devil was already taken (Two Stryper jokes in one column! ZING!).


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