CageDo you like your metal fast and furious, NWOBHM and thrash-influenced, and with glass shattering, epicly high pitched vocalists? Then Cage just might be a band for you. The San Diego, CA-based band describes themselves as “100% American Heavy Metal,” but I’m hearing plenty of European influence here — lots of dual lead guitars, and lyrical topics and delivery closer to Judas Priest or Iron Maiden than Metallica. Nevertheless, the band is tight as hell and their recently album Hell Destroyer is definitely worth checking out.

Vocalist Sean Peck can shriek with the best of em, calling to mind top tier vocalists both old and new; Peck is as much Rob Halford as he is Into Eternity’s Stu Bloch. Behind him, the band never relents — lots of double-bass pounding and guitar theatrics.

With that in mind, check out Cage’s tribute song to the mighty King Diamond, called… “King Diamond.” Peck states “We wanted to pay tribute to the King and thought that all Cage and King Diamond fans would enjoy it. Personally, I am a big King Diamond fan and this is my and the band’s way of paying tribute to some of his past killer recorded works.”

Cage – “King Diamond” mp3


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