Clint LoweryIt’s beginning to look like we may soon a new Dark New Day album pretty soon; according to a post on the band’s MySpace written by guitarist Clint Lowery (ex-Sevendust):

Hey everyone,

Quick update. The new records getting mixed right now and its sounding great. Dave Bendeth who produced it is also mixing it. I think its gonna be well worth the wait. Thanks to all that have stuck by us and hope to see you all on tour next year. The new DnD will be out early next year and as soon as we have a hard date on it you’ll be the first to know.

God bless


But if the band is already in the mixing stage, why haven’t we heard anything about it other than updates directly from the band members? Generally by this phase of making a record we’d have been inundated with various press releases of the “producer announced,” “track listing revealed” and “cover artwork revealed” variety, not to mention video updates from the studio and interviews with band members about the new material. Looks to me like Dark New Day, whose first album didn’t sell all that well, is getting the shaft from their record label, Warner Bros. Could it be that key label personnel involved with DND have since been dismissed, or is DND just not a high priority over there? In defense of the label, it seems like a new record hasn’t exactly been a priority to the band either, what with the members taking gigs as touring musicians for the likes of Korn, Evanescence, and Vince Neil.


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