Will HuntDrummer Will Hunt of Dark New Day has issued a rather hilarious update, a kid-in-a-candy-store style recap of his various exploits in 2007. Last year his talents were called upon for tours with Evanescence, Vince Neil, and Bloodsimple, all in between writing and recording the next Dark New Day record. He even got a last-minute fill-in gig for Motley Crue:

“We played our set at Donington the next day, went back to our hotel in London where the next day we (the EV band) were going to fly to Amsterdam for four days of rest and more matters to smoke on! Amy was off to somewhere in Europe to film the video for ‘Good Enough’. The morning we were to leave for Amsterdam, I get a call from a frantic Tommy Lee. Seems he rocked the Donington show a little too hard and his shoulder was fucked up beyond him being able to play and where was I and could I fill in for the London and Manchester shows. I was in London about to head to the airport, had four days off, and again, BAM!!!!! I’m on stage with Motley-fucking-Crue with bombs and fire going off all around me, Nikki on the drum riser rockin’ with me, Mick just absolutely shredding (he is by far the LOUDEST guitar player on earth — God bless Mick Mars!!!!), and Vince screaming his head off!!!!!! HOLY SHIT is all I can say. I couldn’t have dreamt it in my wildest dreams!!

Hunt then offered a Dark New Day update, saying the band had whittled 83 demos down to 13 songs to record (plus 3 more written in the studio). He also revealed what I’d long speculated (and Clint Lowery chose not to address), that part of the lenthy delay between DND albums was due to a label shakeup; they lost their A&R guy, a detrimental blow to any band. Especially when that band’s first record didn’t do so well. Can you say “slipping through the cracks”? In any case I’m glad DND have been given the opportunity to record another disc — hopefully it’ll come out soon.


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