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Another good tip for the toy obsessed

MetalSucks reader Elijah Torn has alerted us to the announcement that Kidrobot are offering a whole series of minifigures based on Adult Swim characters – including Murderface and Toki from Metalocalypse.

Vinyl Pulse reports:

“Each figure will retail for $7.95 and will be available at select retailers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Latin America. By combining the adrenalin rush of blind-box minis with one of the hottest TV blocks out there, this is one to watch.”

The bad news the figures will be part of a “blind-box” series, which I think means you won’t know in advance which toy you’re getting (I think; I’m not actually toy-educated enough to know for sure, so someone feel free to correct me). Still, I imagine it’ll be easy to either a) look in all the boxes when the toy store dude isn’t looking or b) just order the ones you want over eBay. Which is what I fully plan to do.

There’s no pics of the figurines yet, so instead I’ve included this graphic from Nature’s Graffiti that speculates on which real life metal musicians are the templates for the members of Dethklok.*


*It’s my firm belief that at least one of these is wrong. While there’s certainly some resemblance between Pickles and Devin Townsend, the red dreads, Midwestern accent, and one time stint as the lead singer of an LA glam band called “Snakes N’ Barrels” leads me to believe that there’s some Axl Rose in there, too.

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