arsisphoto.jpg…but luckily the band is okay. In a statement, front man Jim Malone tells fans:

“Everyone’s fine. Hard to believe this happened during the day, but the road is solid ice. The trailer flipped, broke loose of the hitch, and is now stuck in a snow bank. Better the trailer and not us. We’re waiting to get it towed, since it’s unusable. It’s lodged in ice and we can’t get to our gear, but we’re sure it’s all smashed. We need to assess the situation and see how much of our gear still works before we can say anything about finishing out the rest of the tour. We can’t afford to buy a new trailer at this point. Again, we apologize to our fans. We’ll have an update soon.”

Adds bassist Noah Martin:

“We’re going to try to find a room up the highway in the next small town. Hopefully we won’t have to fight off inbred zombie cannibals… like we need that right now. We are all super pissed that this has happened just as we were getting back on this tour. This sucks a lot of dinosaur dick – and that’s a lot of meat!”

Mostly we’re glad that the band is okay, ’cause obviously this could have ended a lot worse. We hope they can get back up and running and out on the road ASAP.

In the meantime, you can check out our interview with Noah Martin here.


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