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Deadbird - Twilight RitualIf you’re jonesin’ for a fix of sludgy, dark, raw, gritty mothafuckin METAL, you ought to give the new Deadbird track “Death of Self” a listen. Deadbird, featuring one ex-member and one current member of Rwake (if I’m reading the press release correctly), deliver a stony riff-fest of southern-tinged, heavy as fuck sludge, something of a deep-fried, Down-influenced version of Rwake. And this new track is a sprawling, 9-minute epic that expands the boundaries of what you might traditionally think of as sludge by incorporating elements such as, *gasp*, an acoustic guitar. In short, it fucking rules.

The new album Twilight Ritual, from whence this new track comes, hits stores June 24th via At A Loss Recordings.

Deadbird – “Death of Self”


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