mulder and scullyNot really. But that’s the first panicked thought that flashed through my mind when I read the report on RollingStone.com that two FBI agents paid a visit to the office of Kevin Skwerl of AntiQuiet.com, who posted the nine leaked Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy tracks on his blog last week:

Yesterday Skwerl was surprised to find himself face to face with two FBI agents who paid a visit to his day job. “It was kind of an ambush,” Skwerl tells Rolling Stone. “When I came back from lunch they were waiting in the lobby for me. It’s a little creepy they know where I work.” Two young FBI officers, who Skwerl describes as “Mulder and Scully types,” questioned him for 15 minutes about where he got the tracks and made plans to visit his house at 7:00 a.m. this morning.

I mean, like, woah. That is seriously fucking scary. God forbid I ever find myself face to face with two FBI agents for something I posted on this site, I’d probably shit my pants.

But the bigger question is, who is behind this? Why does the FBI care about leaked Guns N’ Roses tracks over any other band? Is Axl Rose hiring the fucking FBI? What is wrong with this man? Uh oh, better watch what I say.


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