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Our Pick of the Week is a new collection from the Fuck the Facts grindhouse titled Disgorge Mexico. Don’t be fooled by the name as this is actually a female-fronted, summer variety of grind prepared in Ontario, Canada, a collection that boasts 14 new and exciting flavors for 2008.

As always with proper grind-tasting we begin with a quick visual inspection – the cover depicts a male portrait, with the face etched out in white and the negative silhouette of a tree with raven edging in from the left side. The cover is not too cluttered and yet promises something interesting, and with this notion we delve head-first into it.

Immediately we are drawn in by a brief 4-note intro of “Borders,” which almost instantly gives way to a pinch harmonic and blast beat combo that assures the connoisseur that this is unmistakably grinding.

As we progress from this opener we are treated to quite the variety of stimulations and aromas. In between bursts of erratic grind we are subjected to samples of death-metal, thrash and old class, punk-influenced beats. With little or no repetition of ideas, Disgorge Mexico takes on a very forward-thinking expression, always progressing rather than re-treading, in a style somewhat reminiscent of the Louisiana varieties of Soilent Green.

While some of the flavors begin to run together the collection does have numerous climaxes, such as the smooth and heavy breakdown finish of “As Empires Expand and Collapse,” or the melodic drama that infects “Driving through Fallen Cities.” Some tastes are downright surprising; sometimes good (the instrumental interlude “Dead End” and the reserved, melodic introduction to “Apathy is a Karma Killer”), sometimes bad (the poorly executed stoner riff element that is “La Culture du Faux”). Overall, Disgorge Mexico’s many sides never outstay their welcome and the collection comes to an abrupt-yet-appropriate finish that is almost as sudden as it’s inception.

Looking back upon these sensations it must be said that Fuck the Facts have done more than a few things right here. The grind’s quick progression from section to section keeps the connoisseur’s attention and the modest lengthiness of the flavors shows maturity in grindcraft that can be seen in the recent output of many of great grind manufacturers. However, Fuck the Facts unfortunately went a bit overboard with “The Storm;” lasting over 9-minutes and quite unnecessarily so, it is neither a highlight nor a low-point of Disgorge Mexico, merely ineffective and lacking a common thread throughout.

Despite the many surprising genre twists, the actual peak for this batch of grind is “State of Panic,” which wins simply from being the most straightforward and ferocious of the bunch. Perhaps this is just the sort of output Fuck The Facts should focus upon in upcoming releases.

While certain not to usurp the place of your favorite grind, Fuck the Facts have put out an intriguing collection that’s sure to please both the casual and the sophisticated patron with nods toward experimentation and tradition. I recommend that it be served as accompaniment for long journeys or perhaps beside of a day of summer barbecuing. Enjoy!

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(3 out of 5 horns)


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