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Exclusive Cinemetal Premiere: F*ck the Facts’ “Dropping Like Flies”


At least ONE good thing happened in 2020: Fuck the Facts released Pleine Noirceur, their first new album in five years. Was it worth the wait? Fuckin’ A! Pleine Noirceur is music’s answer to rubbing a cheese grater across your face and then dunking your head in the Dead Sea. Adventurous, rancorous, uncompromising, and unpolished, Pleine Noirceur is everything you want a grindcore album to be and then some.

So, needless to say, when MetalSucks heard that Fuck the Facts had teamed up with David Hall (Today is the Day, Jucifer, Rwake, etc.) to make a music video for the putrid Pleine Noirceur track “Dropping Like Flies,” well… we jumped at the chance to premiere it! The video is one of the director’s characteristically inventive, psychedelic, surreal, and creepy-as-fuck music clips, the rare music video that’s worth watching even if you’ve already heard the song.

Says Fuck the Facts guitarist Topon Das of the video:

“Dave has made a video for each of our albums since we released Stigmata High-Five back in 2006, so we were more than happy to keep the tradition going when he reached out about doing something for the new album. His unique approach to making videos has always been inspiring to us and we’ve always given him carte blanche (just watch our video for ‘Everywhere Yet Nowhere’). For the ‘Dropping Like Flies’ video Dave manages to give the viewer an uncomfortable and satirical look at the devastating opioid epidemic. Highlighting just how much this issue is not taken seriously enough.”

Adds Hall:

“The main inspiration for the video for ‘Dropping Like Flies’ came directly from Mel’s lyrics. She eloquently sings about addiction as an epidemic and society’s response: ‘help isn’t on the way’ I wanted to present a vision of hopelessness, the brutal ravaging of addiction, the pervasiveness of prescription meds, the economic forces that conspire, and show some faces not commonly presented as addicts: white people, senior citizens, the middle and upper class. Addiction transcends all demographics. God sends flies to wounds he should heal. Pills rain down from heaven.”

Check out the video for “Dropping Like Flies” below! Pleine Noirceur is out now on Noise Salvation. You can stream it at the bottom of this post! Purchase physical copies here and digital copies here.

Exclusive Cinemetal Premiere: F*ck the Facts’ “Dropping Like Flies”
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