We’re in the press area of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, and Black Tide vocalist/guitarist Gabriel Garcia is wearing a shirt that says “VAGINA” in huge letters and chewing gum. When he sits down to talk with MetalSucks, he never even takes his backpack off. His answers to our questions are, to put it mildly, limited. He clearly has no interest whatsoever in talking to us.

Maybe it’s because he’s aware that we’ve written some not so nice things about his band before; maybe it’s because he’s anxious to get back outside in time for the Ladder Up an Ass performance; maybe the kid just hates giving interviews. In any case, Axl and Vince pretty much agree that this is the worst interview we’ve ever done. Check it out after the jump, and then make fun of us for failing to engage Gabriel, make fun of Gabriel for refusing to not be monosyllabic, and make fun of whomever the fuck else you like in our comments section.

How’s the tour going?

It’s going good. It’s fucking rad. Today was good. Good crowd.

How is it playing so early in the morning?

Well, it switches. It rotates. It’s good playing early sometimes because all the kids are ready for it and want to hear something.

Right on. So how do you feel playing for thousands of people? You guys were on Ozzfest so you’re used to this. You’re old pros.

Yeah, it’s awesome. Playing for big crowds is fucking rad. Ozzfest was amazing. We were on the main stage and we were the first band up. Over here everyone is up close, and it’s rad.

All the other bands are cool?

Yeah, everyone is cool. We hang out.

What about these nightly barbecues? Have you been to any of those yet?

Yeah, pretty much every night.

Has there been a Black Tide barbecue?


Think you’ll do one?

Mostly it’s been the main stage bands doing them. I think Five Finger Death Punch did one.

Have the other bands put you guys through any hazing rituals?

Not on this tour, but it’s probably going to happen on the last day. It always does.

What are some of the craziest things other bands have done to you guys on the last day of a tour?

Well, on the Ozzfest they had a freak show and they all came out on our stage. There were midgets fucking running around and dildos flying around.

Are you guys doing any more tours after this one?

Right after this we have the Kerrang! Awards in the U.K. and Reading and Leeds or some shit like that. It’s like a 2 day thing. Then we come back here and do a tour.

Cool. So is there a new album on the horizon?

Yeah, our record came out like 5 or 6 months ago so we got another year of touring at least.

Have you been satisfied with the reaction your record’s been getting?

Yeah, totally. I think it’s doing awesome. I never thought we would come this far. It’s awesome.

Any final words for Black Tide’s masses of fans?

Pick up the album, come to the shows, buy some t-shirts, and make me some money.

-AR & VN

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