Headbanger’s Blog just debuted Bleed the Sky’s new video for the song “Sullivan.” They also have lead singer Noah Robinson’s thoughts of the making of the video, which was directed by MetalSucks approved headbanger auteur David Brodsky. Here’s an excerpt from Robinson:

“It was great filming the video with David Brodsky. He kept it very relaxed, not to mention that because we’re seasoned drinkers, he kept us stocked with the three cases of beer and a handle of Captain Morgan. That probably helped a bit!

“A funny thing we noticed was that guitarist Justin Warrick kept ritualistically brushing his hair. All the behind-the-scenes videos we shot for ourselves always had Justin brushing his golden locks somewhere in the background. HE NEVER STOPPED. He even tried to brush his hair between takes, but Brodsky told him no, but that didn’t mean Justin didn’t keep reaching for his brush.”

Head over to Headbanger’s Blog to check out the rest.

Now here’s the video… I’ve mentioned in the past how much I dig the rhythmic editing of Allison Woest, Brodsky’s producer/partner/sometimes editor, and while I’m not 100% certain that Woest edited this clip, it certainly has her fingerprints all over it – note how many of the cuts happen right on the beat every time (the first ten or fifteen seconds of the video are the most obvious example of this technique, but it does repeat throughout).


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