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NOW YOU HAVE TWO REASONS TO SIT THROUGH BODY OF LIESIt’s old news by now that a new GN’R song, “If the World,” makes its official debut (e.g., not the debut it made when it leaked earlier this year) over the closing credits of the new movie Body of Lies. It’s the second new song Guns have officially released this year, and the second new song the band has done virtually nothing to publicize. Rumors keep circulating that Chinese Democracy will finally come out in late November, but meanwhile it’s October 10 and the band hasn’t made a peep.

ANYWAY, considerably less publicized is the fact that after the GN’R tune concludes, a second song, “Bird’s Eye,” plays over the closing credits – and it’s collaboration between Mike Patton, Serj Tankian, and the film’s composer, Marc Streitenfeld.

It’s a pretty cool song – it has a Peeping Tom-ish vibe to it, but with a real middle eastern influence that I imagine is a direct echo of the film’s score. It’s almost like the darkest James Bond song ever written (It’s certainly better than that Jack Black/Alicia Keys Bond song that was just released.). And it’s a real shame that sixteen years after having to put up with Axl’s shit as his support act, Patton has now co-written a cool song that isn’t getting any love from the film’s publicists ’cause it’s not as glitzy as Axl’s re-emergence.

Body of Lies is in theaters today (At least in the US). It was directed by Ridley Scott and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. Neither “If the World” nor “Bird’s Eye” will be included on the film’s soundtrack, but you can purchase the latter song on iTunes for the usual cost of ninety-nine cents. A Patton-Tankian team-up should certainly be enough to pique your interest to the tune of one whole dollar, but in case you wanna give it a listen first, it’s currently streaming on Tankian’s MySpace page.


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