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gaahlSo after “metalsucks,” “metal sucks” and “metalsucks.net,” “gaahl gay” is now the most common search phrase bringing people here from search engines. So, uh… You guys will probably think it’s a big deal that Gorgoroth frontman Gaahl (né Kristian Espedal) has finally officially spoken on the record about his sexual orientation in a recent interview with Rock Hard magazine. While there have been reports and speculation for months, this is the first time Gaahl has spoken publicly and directly about the matter.

And it IS a big deal, one that has certainly thrown the black metal community for a loop and that we’ve seen manifest itself in our own comment threads. What I loved most when this news first surfaced a couple of months back was reading the ignorance and denial in our readers’ comments on Axl’s article:

“I don’t believe that Gaahl is a gay or bisexual. This is just another cheap way to get huge publicity around the globe. I guess that Gaahl will “straighten” the facts after few weeks, so in that way he gets to be in the spotlight of media once again…”

“I dunno if any part of this ever actually says he’s gay.”


“The fashion thing seems out of character for Gaahl and that photo looks doctored. I’ll wait till further comment is made and anyone who isn’t gullible as hell should do the same.”

“Even if he is not gay, since the article is a little vague, I don’t think he is concerned about sexual relationships. He just seems like a guy who is neutral.”

“He is not fucking gay! its just you whi whant to fuck Gaahl in the as! it is just some bullshit you have taking up! send up a fucking picture ther Gaahl kissing an ather guy then i belive you!”

To be fair, plenty of you also came out in support of Gaahl with comments to the effect of “that is SO kvlt! Good for him for being himself,” or “how does his sexual orientation affect his music? who cares.” But the amount of denial and bigotry displayed in just the comments above is astounding. So, to silence all the doubters, here are some choice quotes from Gaahl from the above-linked interview:

Rock Hard: When I met you, we talked pretty extensively about an old JUDAS PRIEST live video that had made a strong impression on you. Was Rob Halford coming out a partial factor in your publicly acknowledging your own sexual preference?

Gaahl: “No. Rob Halford is a big musical inspiration for me, but nothing more. It doesn’t feel to me as if I’ve outed myself because up until now the whole thing was a non-issue for me. All this evolved very naturally. I feel how I feel and I’ve never made any secret about it.”

Rock Hard: But there are likely people on the right fringe of the black metal scene for whom you as an avowed homosexual have become an enemy.

Gaahl: “Possibly, yes. My idea of art, and black metal especially, is the depiction of honesty without compromise. I really don’t care how other people react to it or the feelings it might provoke.”

“As far as my ‘outing’ goes — King was more nervous about it beforehand than I myself. He is glad that everybody’s been cool about it. As far as the musical aspect is concerned — we’ve started work on the next album and I can’t wait to write the lyrics for it. I already have ideas in my head but normally my lyrics just sort of ‘happen.’”

“There has been very little in terms of negative reactions. I’d like to think it’s because my friends respect me enough to where that side of me doesn’t bother them. If I was another type of guy, the reactions might be more drastic.”

So, Gaahl is gay. Being openly so is the tr00est, br00talest and kvltest, most black metal thing he could possibly do. Congrats to Gaahl. I sincerely hope this serves to to shake up the rampant homophobia in the metal community or at causes a few people to stop and think.


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