...And F*ck You Too


  • Axl Rosenberg

FUCK THIS FUCKING WEEK. Every fucking thing about this fucking week fucking sucks, and I’d say it can’t fucking end soon e-fucking-nough, but Friday is Halloween, and if you’ve ever lived in New York Fucking City, you know that New York on Halloween fucking sucks, because you can’t cross Sixth Fucking Avenue because of the fucking parade, and even if you could, you wouldn’t even fucking want to, BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING PARADE.


Here’s the bright spot in this shitty fucking no good piece of shit fucking week: Blabbermouth posted a leak of a new Slayer song (below), “Psychopathy Red.” And it’s fucking AWESOME. It’s just sounds so evil and so angry and so fast and it has such a good solid fucking riff, it just makes me want to kill every fucking thing in the entire fucking world stone fucking dead. Rarely in life are things truly a black and white issue, but this is a black and fucking white issue. Seriously. Fuck anyone who doesn’t like this song.

And fuck anyone who doesn’t get excited watching these clips of the band in the studio:

Also, MORE OF YOU NEED TO ENTER THE FUCKING SLAYER FUCKING OLYMPICS. We’re choosing winners next week and for fuck’s sake, it’s an autographed copy of an awesome fucking book about an awesome fucking album, and DX Ferris is gonna write your name in it and fucking everything. Eighteen gajillion of you enter unreadable fucking band logo to win a free copy of a CD every week, so I know you like contests, and you read this site, so I know you like to read. SO JUST THINK ABOUT THIS AS ENTERING A CONTEST TO READ ABOUT A CD AND ENTER SAID CONTEST RIGHT FUCKING NOW.


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