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OUR FIRST TASTE OF THE NEW SEPULTURA ALBUMI never would have known had Blabbermouth not told me, but apparently Sepultura performed at the Latin Grammy Awards last night (Something else I never would have known: there’s a Latin Grammy Awards. Are the regular Grammys too good for Latin music? I don’t understand.). After performing a brief cover of “Girl from Ipanema” (Um… why???), the band launched into “We’ve Lost You,” a song which will appear on the band’s forthcoming album, A-Lex.

A-Lex is a concept album which apparently takes its cues from Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange (And, presumably, Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of that novel.). I’ve read Burgess’ book and seen Kubrick’s film, and what the fuck the album cover art has to do with either is not clear to me at this time; in fact, it makes me kinda worried that Sepultura are about to join the club of a few million people who seem to have somehow completely missed the point of the story.

But I digress. This new song – the first we’ve heard from A-Lex – sure does sound heavy and Sepulturian, which is not to say its good; in fact, it seems kind of generic. As much as I enjoyed Sep’s last offering, Dante XXV, I already find my optimism for A-Lex being any good draining. But I guess I should give the band the benefit of the doubt.

After the jump, check out Sepultura’s performance of “We’ve Lost You” (And, um, “Girl from Ipanema.”).

A-Lex will be released on SPV here in the States on January 27 and the rest of the world a few days prior. It will be the first Sepultura album in which the name “Cavalera” appears nowhere in the liner notes.


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